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Please note that some of these resources have not yet been updated for the 2023-2024 school year, including bus transportation, food services, and more. Updated resources will be posted within the coming weeks. Youth work permits are currently updated.

Youth Work Permit 2024


Bus transportation

From the executive director

Alicia Savage

Greetings to all our students and families! Whether you are a new family or one that has been with us over the years, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the 2023-2024 school year. As we look forward to the excitement that a new school year brings, we remain grateful for your support and commitment. 

Our school was founded on opportunity. The founders of South Shore Charter sought to provide students with the opportunity to experience a different kind of education, one predicated on project-based learning, a student-centered approach, and a college preparatory education for all. Although much has changed since we began in Hull 28 years ago, South Shore Charter has remained committed to our mission of inspiring every student to excel in academics, service, and life. 

Our classrooms and hallways may be empty right now, but the summer has been a busy one. Throughout July we hosted two terrific summer school programs. We also held another year of the Acceleration Academy during the first week of August. We are fortunate to be granted federal and state funding to maintain summer learning programs. Special thanks to all faculty and staff who made these programs possible teaching classes, developing programming, and organizing field trips. 

Summer is a terrific time to accomplish campus projects on our buildings and outside spaces. Our facilities team has worked hard to get the campus ready for those first days of school in August. This year the facilities team has been busy painting, conducting electrical repairs, upgrading the alarm service, adding ceiling speakers, and landscaping. As always, we continue to maintain and monitor air quality in all of our classrooms and hallways to ensure a healthy and safe environment for students and staff. 

Kindergarten Orientation will be Monday, August 28 at 100 Longwater Circle. Freshman Orientation for grade 9 students will be on Monday, August 28, at 700 Longwater Drive. Transportation services begin on the first day of school, Tuesday, August 29, 2023. Families will be receiving an email regarding transportation information and updates this afternoon. 

You will receive an email later this week with a link to your child’s contact information and information regarding the upcoming school year. Please complete and update your child’s profile. Please review the Back to School Resources with your family and refer to our School Calendar for important dates and times of school wide events. We have a few exciting events planned for the fall, including the annual run SSCPS Race for Space on Saturday, September 30. Additional calendar updates may be found on our website and in the Weekly Update as the school year progresses. 

Enjoy these remaining days of summer and thank you for being here at South Shore Charter Public School as a great new school year begins.


"Inspiring every student to excel in academics, service, and life."

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