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South Shore Charter Public School is a diverse community that challenges students academically. We prepare young adults for college by inspiring scholastic achievement and fostering life skills to help develop responsible citizens. 

SSCPS is fully chartered by the Board of Education of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is publicly funded. The school is governed by an eighteen member Board of Trustees (comprised of parents, community members and a student) that reports to the Department of Education.

Self governance is an important part of the SSCPS experience. Students are encouraged from an early age to be involved in decision-making in the school. Each Level has its own regular town meeting where students discuss community topics and make recommendations. Parents have an Association that meets monthly to talk about school issues. At those meetings parent work together to collectively support the school.


Founded in 1995, South Shore Charter Public School has been providing K-12 students on the south shore an outstanding college preparatory education for over 20 years.

Originally in the coastal town of Hull, the South Shore Charter Public School is proud to be among the oldest charter schools in Massachusetts. The founders of the school had a vision of an educational model that provided project based learning combined with the rigors of a competitive college preparatory program. Today the school’s comprehensive and challenging curriculum combines tradition and innovation to ensure academic achievement for all students.

The South Shore Charter Public School moved the Norwell campus in 2004 and has continued to thrive as a center of educational innovation and excellence. In 2010 the South Shore Charter Public School was named America’s Greenest School and has received national recognition for outstanding work within Projects and Workshops.  

Today, the South Shore Charter Public School is still expanding. We are bringing the High School to a new building to accommodate our increased enrollment. Our new building is just around the corner to keep our connected community atmosphere.