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The High School at South Shore Charter Public School consists of grades 9-12. 

High school students at SSCPS are immersed in a college preparatory curriculum that focuses on student growth in all areas, including the core subjects, arts and extracurriculars, physical education, overall wellness and more. Workshop options range in a wide variety of hands-on subjects to allow students to discover new interests and foster existing ones. Students are able to participate in a large number of seasonal sports, practice their public speaking through Senior Debates, bond with their peers over a completed high school experience on their Senior Trip, among other formative activities, classes and events.

High School Exit Standards are the expectations we have of every student as that student approaches their High School graduation. These standards will adapt to the needs and demands of education plans including IEPs and 504s. Read below to view our exit standards for High School students.

High School Exit/Graduation Standards

By the completion of high school, each SSCPS graduate must meet these minimum standards. Students must submit evidence to the Guidance Counselor and the Principal that he/she has met all of the Exit Standards. For students with an IEP or 504, the IEP or 504 may contain details on any modification of Exit Standards if determined to be appropriate. Any one Exit Standard not required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or the Department of Education for a diploma may be waived in extraordinary cases by the Board of Trustees after petition to, and recommendation by the Principal and the Executive Director.


Workshops at the high school range from an incredibly wide variety of topics and subjects; students can learn management tactics and financial literacy while running the School Store, strengthen public speaking and debate skills through Mock Trial, and compose music to play in a band setting with their peers. Students are able to choose from 15+ Workshop areas to discover and pursue their passions while still gaining and strengthening usable skills to help them further progress not only in their educational experience, but beyond it as well.

Mindful Movement

Students explore meditation, yoga, pilates, dances, aerobic exercises and more to develop awareness in body, mind, and soul. The goal of the Mindful MovementWorkshop is to encourage both mindfulness and movement, to improve overall wellbeing, and to reduce stress and anxiety.

Cultural Diversity

Students bring their own unique cultures into the classroom to share with others, exchanging ideas about different cultural aspects like food, dance, and clothes. Students also examine how culture shapes individuals and nations by partnering with sister schools to connect with the community and and explore even more students' cultures.

Master Your Voice

Students studied the physiology of the body parts which contribute to the production of sound and recorded the story of "Peter Pan" in audiobook format. After recording, students focused on post production, editing, enhancing and more, ultimately sharing the finished product with the lower levels at SSCPS.