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We care about the success of every South Shore Charter Public School student. The goal of Learning Services is to assist all students in reaching their full potential. South Shore Charter Public School provides or arranges for the provision of each element of the IEP of students in need of special education. We maintain this commitment  to  students from the ages of 5 until their 22nd birthday. Our dedicated faculty and staff work to ensure that a continuum of programming and services are available to meet the needs of all students with disabilities.  


Here at SSCPS we know that students learn through a variety of modalities. These ways of learning are how our highly qualified teachers deliver instructional and support services to help students achieve the highest level of success in school. Our Learning Services Department provides a continuum of services that adapts to ensure that students have their learning needs met each day. Although no single model of special education can meet the needs of all students, our program has seen the highest level of student achievement through the inclusion model. The SSCPS inclusion model may be enhanced with pull-out services and small class instruction for students deemed to require these practices at certain points in their education.  

The range of special education services and related service options available to SSCPS students is extensive. 

Special Education Services