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Level I at South Shore Charter Public School includes Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade. Classroom sizes are small, typically at an 11:1 student to teacher ratio.

At this Level, students are diving into core subjects through programs like Eureka Math, the Collins Writing Program, and more. Students also begin learning Spanish, collaborating with upper grade levels to form meaningful connections with peers of all ages, and participate in experiential learning activities within their Project curriculum.

Level I Exit Standards are the expectations we have of every child as that child approaches the transition to Level II. These standards will adapt to the needs and demands of education plans including IEPs and 504s. Read below to view our exit standards for Level I students.

Level I Exit Standards


Projects in Level I focus on collaboration and basic research skills, allowing students to showcase their ability to learn about a specific subject and then teach others about what they've learned. Students complete simple projects like creating posters, slideshows, and making crafts, as well as participating in educational field trips like our annual Holly Hill Farm project. 

Holly Hill Farm

Students visit Holly Hill Farm every year to learn about biodiversity, ecosystems, and more.

Animal Project

Students choose an animal to learn about, then create projects and presentations to teach others their findings. This year, students learned about walruses and created paper crafts to teach their peers what they learned.

Kindness Project

Students focus on social-emotional learning by recognizing & performing acts of kindness through the year.