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Level II at South Shore Charter Public School includes 3rd Grade and 4th Grade. 

At this Level, students progress their learning abilities through their previous Level I curriculum, along with core subjects introduced in line with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. Students continue to enhance their learning experience through hands-on Projects, focusing on more advanced subjects in the technology, cultural, and health and wellness areas.

Level II Exit Standards are the expectations we have of every child as that child approaches the transition to Level III. These standards will adapt to the needs and demands of education plans including IEPs and 504s. Read below to view our exit standards for Level II students.

Level II Exit Standards

By the completion of Level II, each fourth grader must meet these minimum standards to be promoted to Level III.  For students with an Individual Education Plan or 504, the IEP or 504 may contain details on any modification of Exit Standards.  A student’s teacher may request a waiver of no more than one exit requirement by written appeal to the Principal. Level II teachers will document each fourth grade student’s fulfillment of exit standards.


Projects in Level II focus on advancing skills that students learned in Level I, which allows those students to refine their research skills while learning new ones altogether. Students complete various hands-on projects and activities, ranging from learning to code to learning about cultures all over the world. Projects from previous years have produced cultural murals and crafts, collaborative kindness projects throughout the school, and more. 

Coding Project

Students start to develop invaluable skills in computer science by learning how to code, creating their own games and computer drawings using the website

World Cultures

Students learn about the food, traditions, arts and cultures of different countries around the world, completing simple crafts and slideshow presentations relating to that country's culture.

Healthy Living

Students learn about different healthy eating habits, fun ways to exercise, and prioritizing mental health, creating posters and visual aids to help teach their fellow classmates about what they've learned.