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Level III at South Shore Charter Public School includes 5th Grade and 6th Grade. 

At this Level, students are expanding their interests within their core subjects as well as their Projects, continuing to follow our curriculum combining traditional academics with experiential learning.

Level III Exit Standards are the expectations we have of every child as that child approaches the transition to Level IV. These standards will adapt to the needs and demands of education plans including IEPs and 504s. Read below to view our exit standards for Level III students.

Level III Exit Standards

By the completion of Level III, each student must meet these minimum standards to be promoted to Level IV. For students with an Individual Education Plan or 504, the IEP or 504 may contain any modifications of the Exit Standards if determined to be appropriate. Every student must submit evidence that they have met the Exit Standards to the Principal.


Projects in Level III are heavily focused on a wide range of extracurricular subjects like arts & music, technology, wellness and cultural influence. Students have created and completed cultural dance performances, written and performed plays, studied and analyzed different literature works, and completed different community service tasks based on areas of community need.

STEAM Book Club

Students read a variety of science-focused picture & chapter books and complete projects around the themes of their books, often collaborating with lower Levels to teach younger students as well.

World Performance Project

Students vote on different countries to study and then research all aspects of those cultures to create performances and displays to share with the school community.

Above: the 2022 Haitian Flag Day Level III performance.

Community Service

Students choose areas of their personal interest that they can fundraise for and donate towards in order to give back to neighboring towns, communities and organizations.