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Level IV at South Shore Charter Public School includes 7th Grade and 8th Grade.

At this Level, students are preparing to make the transition into our High School curriculum, focusing on proficiency in their core subjects as well as showing mastery of certain areas in their EOM's. 

Level IV Exit Standards are the expectations we have of every child as that child approaches the transition to High School. These standards will adapt to the needs and demands of education plans including IEPs and 504s. Read below to view our exit standards for Level IV students.

Level IV Exit Standards

By the completion of Level IV, each student must meet these minimum standards to be promoted to High School. For students with an IEP or 504, the IEP or 504 may contain details on any modification of Exit Standards if determined to be appropriate. All students must submit evidence that he/she has met all the Exit Standards to the Principal. Any student may request a waiver of no more than one exit requirement by written appeal to the Principal.


Many Projects in Level IV are very involved with the school community itself, allowing students to run the Snack Shack, create and publish the school yearbook, and more. Students are also able to explore more areas in music and art, choosing concert instruments to learn and different art mediums to practice. 

Music Project

Students explore different concert band instruments, choosing one to practice and perform.

Art Project

Students are able to learn a variety of drawing and painting techniques, exploring different aspects of art media and creating art displays, murals and more based on different books and subjects studied in class.

Snack Shack

Students learn customer service, managerial and financial skills through the management of the school's Snack Shack, buying inventory, selling goods, delegating tasks, handling finances, and more.