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The Arts are central to student life at South Shore Charter Public School. SSCPS is dedicated to integrating fine and performing arts by including creative reasoning and experiential learning throughout classes and activities within the general curriculum, K-12. Beginning in Kindergarten, students first learn about art as part of history, world culture, and heritage. This integration continues as students progress through each grade and level.

In addition to cross-curricular study, students from K- 8 receive instruction in fine arts and music each week. Beginning in grade five, teachers teach small group classes in both the fine arts and graphic design.

Student Expression through the Arts at SSCPS

The Arts serve as a connecting strand for Projects and Workshops thorough all grade levels. Projects provide students with opportunities to study Dance, Poetry, Fine Arts, Graphic Arts, Instrumental Music, Choral Music, and Drama. Students demonstrate their learning through annual events showcasing their work including plays, concerts, and art shows. Each year, students across grade levels have the opportunity to participate in an all-school play.

There are numerous opportunities for advanced study in the Arts at the High School. SSCPS offers Workshops in Fine Art, Music, Illustration, Graphics, Strings, Photography, Dance and Theatre Arts. The High School Theatre Workshop annually participates in the Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild High School Theatre Festival. The High School Art Workshop has been nationally recognized winning numerous awards and scholarship opportunities for students. Please visit their website to view students’ work.

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Wish Leaves: K-6 art project

In 2022, our K-6 students in Pam Golden's & Dan Vasconcellos' art classes created an art installation based on the children’s book Wishtree. The student art project, WishLeaves, is featured in an article included in the above edition of Scholastic School Arts, School Arts October 2022, beginning on page 36. Art teacher Pam Golden and her sister Catherine wrote about the project which focuses on using the arts as a tool to teach students about empathy.


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