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Service is a guiding force at South Shore Charter Public School. It is a way for all members of the school community to be part of something larger than themselves. Community service work is embedded in the Project/Workshop model. Additionally, community service outside of school hours is required of all students, K-12, to help them better understand the importance of doing something for the greater good.

Where To Find Community Service

The link below may provide you with some ideas for where students may volunteer, fill their yearly requirement and give back to others.

How To Submit Community Service ActivityA student's participation in Community Service is done slight differently for each level. Please refer to the appropriate Level below.

  • High School:  High School Community Service Form
  • Level IV:  Level IV Community Service Form
  • Level III:  Level III Community Service Form
  • Level II:  Level II Community Service Form
  • Level I:  There is no form for Community Service on Level I. What has been the most useful practice in the past has been for parents to keep a binder for Community Service at home. Every time a Level I student completes an act of Community Service have them draw a picture on an 8.5x11 piece of paper. An adult can take dictation from the child's words about their reflections on the service. This can be written on the front or the back of the drawing.

More Volunteer Opportunities

WCE: World Computer Exchange

Students can help refurbish old computers for those in need. Volunteer hours held on the first and third Saturday of each month.