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As part South Shore Charter Public School’s Exit Standards, all students are required to design and complete a Senior Project during their Senior year. The goal is for students to gain real-world experience before they graduate and to help transition students to life after high school. For many students, the Senior Project proves to be the most significant experience of their high school careers.


Internship - Business Based

Students spend 40 hours over the course of the year, at an internship site, typically a structured workplace setting.

Internship - Community Service Based Students spend 40 hours over the course of a year, typically less structured with a community service focus.
Career Portfolio Students explore a career interest through several different avenues. As part of this assignment, the student defends an MLA- formatted research paper before a faculty panel.

Completing an off-campus internship project is a privilege. Students out on internship represent both themselves and our school. Only students who have completed all academic Exit Standards and have met the provided deadlines will be eligible for internship.  

Projects are approved on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Guidance and/or Principal. Generally, the following types will not be approved:

  • Projects that are primarily retail in nature, requiring students to clerk in a store or sell products
  • Situations where seniors are unsupervised or working without the benefit of a mentor

We encourage seniors to work with supervisors who are not family members.

Students may not receive monetary compensation for work done on their projects. If applicable, extra hours earned on Senior Project may be applied toward the community service requirement for senior year.