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Self governance is an important part of the SSCPS experience. Students are encouraged from an early age to be involved in decision-making in the school.

Each Level has its own meetings, structure and elections.  Levels II, Level III and Level IV have Regular Town Meetings where students discuss community topics and make recommendations.  These are organized and led by student officers elected by our students.

Our High School has a Student Board and has provided the following information:

High School Student Board

What is Student Board?

The purpose of Student Board at SSCPS is to establish closer cooperation between the students and the faculty as well as to instruct its members in the principles and responsibilities of a democracy and to promote the general welfare of the school community. 

Who is on Student Board?

The Student Board is composed of four elected officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board also includes Grade Representatives from each grade level as well as a Student Board of Trustees Representative, Parent Association Representative, and two School Council Representatives.

What does Student Board do?

The Student Board acts as an umbrella organization for student activities and events. The Board plans activities for the student body with the help of committees for seasonal events (Dances, Spirit Days, fundraisers).